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Why Choose Us?

  • High quality 8mm frame by frame transfers using pro equipment.

  • Films corrected for color and density.

  • All 8mm films cleaned  with emulsion cleaner and lubricant before transfer.

  • Long lasting (100 year)  Taiyo Yuden DVDs.

  • Bulk discount after 15  films (10%) then again after 25 films (15%)

  • Over 14  years experience.

  • All U.S. Veterans get 10% off.

  • Copies for friends & family just $7.00 each/or copy them yourself (No copyright lock placed on disc.)

  • 30 day back-up on site for safety & re-orders.

  • No minimum order.

  • Conveniently located in Huber Heights Ohio

  • We ship nothing out

  • Your satisfaction is always guaranteed

  • Easy to access from I-70

  • Special deadlines are not a problem

  • Always friendly and professional

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Shipping 101

First we want you to know we have never had anyone's 8mm or Super 8mm films lost in transit to us or from us. Also, after we digitize your 8mm films for the first time we keep a digital copy on our hard drives for 15 days. This means if something was to happen on the return trip or you needed additional copies, we could simply pull up our back-up files and remake the DVDs.

Also, when you fill out your order form we receive an electronic copy right away in our email. So we know who is sending what. If something doesn't arrive in a timely manner we investigate.

Safe Shipping Tips

 We understand sending your irreplaceable tapes to us for transfer can be a scary task. With a few steps of caution your 8mm movies  can arrive just as safely as driving them across town. In  over ten years of doing mail order business we have never had a clients 8mm / Super 8 movies lost or damaged in the mail. The purpose of the following info is to share with you what we have learned over the years. These are not just our opinions.

Do not use envelopes

 of any kind to ship your 8mm or Super 8 movies. They are prone to rip open during delivery.  It seems like the logical choice for just one reel or small reels but please refrain. The post office will give you free boxes when shipping Priority mail.

 Do not use Media Mail

 "Media Mail" is a form of third class mail the post office uses for shipping books, tapes and other forms of media. Your 8mm films would qualify for this type of transportation but we do not recommend you use it. Considering what you are mailing this is no time to pinch a penny.

Don't forget your Return address

 Please make sure you have supplied a legible return address on the outside of the box. You should also have our order form on the inside of the box with your contact information. It is important to have an address on the inside and the outside of the box. If something was to happen to the box that left the outside label unreadable, the shipper will open the box and look for a shipping address inside. It is very common for clients to forget to include the order form. So please, don't forget the order form.

Use Priority Mail

 We highly recommend the Priority Mail service offered by your local post office. They will even supply you with a free box. This is a great way to ship your  movies. In most cases your movies will arrive to us in 2 days. The less time your movies have to travel the better.

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Curtis Media Transfer
7069 Taylorsville Road
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Huber Heights Ohio 45424
1-800-617-8273  info@curtismediatransfer.com 
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8mm & Super 8 Film Transferred to
DVD or Digital File

 Call 1-800-617-8273 to talk to someone about your project.

15  per foot

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3 inch reel (50')


5 inch reel (200')


6 inch reel (300')


7 inch reel (400')


Order Form

Additional Add-on Services

Menu add $20 per order A DVD menu helps you organize and select the films you want to see. Each film will be a chapter that you can select and start with your DVD players remote control.
Duplicate CD add $7 per disc A copy for family and friends. Same 100 year archival DVD, same label.

Photo label

add $10 per photo per order. Remember there will be a hole in the middle of it.


The Video Tape of Yesterday

8mm film (and later "Super 8" film) was how family's recorded important moments in their life prior to the invention, and wide spread use of video tape. From as far back as the mid 1930's till  the early part of the 1980's people would use this film to make short movies celebrating birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, family vacations and other special moments in their life.

They would purchase this film  in a small canister at their local drug store or variety store.  They would load the film into their 8mm movie camera, shoot half of it, flip it over and shoot the other half. (One roll of film would shoot just 4 minutes of movie footage.) When finished they would return the film to its canister and mail it to a processing plant (Kodak for example) to be developed. The processing plant would develop the film, place it on small 3 inch reels, and mail it back. The families would then load the film onto their movie projector and project it onto a white screen. You know, like at the movie theatre.


It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's Super 8!

Later Super 8 film was invented that eliminated turning the film over half way through. You could shoot 4 minutes straight.  Since it was suppose to be so much better than the old regular 8 film, it was called "Super 8" like, Superman! We transfer both regular 8mm and Super 8.


8mm Film Exposed!

Unlike modern video recording devices, 8mm film required a lot of light to expose the film properly. So family's had to deal with these large, hot lights on them (or go outside in the sunlight.) There was different types of film for inside or outside. The lighting had to be just right or your film would be underexposed  (dark and grainy) or overexposed (washed out and white.) Many adult children from this time period remember the large light bar blinding them Christmas morning. You will notice people squinting and putting there hand up to their face to shield the light in these old films. The film had  be exposed just right. It was not as easy as it is today with our point and shoot camera's.


Reel it in

All of these films came back to the owner on 3 each spools 50 feet long. Usually in paper envelopes about 5"X7". That is how you will find much of the film still today. But, one of these films would show only 3 to 5 minutes of movie. So come movie night, dad would load a movie onto the projector, (no small feat), sit down, eat a handful of popcorn (popped in a pan with grease, not in a microwave) and the movie was over. Then he would  turn the lights back on and do it all over again. You wound up watching Dad fight with the projector more than you watched films.

So dad would buy an empty 7" reel and splice his 3" reels onto it. That would hold 400 feet or eight 3" reels. This way he could load the projector and watch movies for a full half hour!! Revolutionary at the time.




Determining the cost to have these films transferred to DVD

Determining the cost to have your 8mm or Super 8's converted to DVD can be confusing. The reason is most transfer shops, including us, charge by how many feet of  film we transfer. But you are at home looking at a dusty box of 8mm reels thinking.

 "I have no idea how many feet of film there is in that box!"

We understand that. So I want to spend a minute showing you how to estimate how much it will cost to have your 8mm films transferred to DVD.

It's all in the size of the reel.  There are three basic and most popular reel sizes. Three inch, Five inch and Seven inch. Most likely your reels will be one of these sizes.

 The Three Inch Reel

 A three inch reel measures three inches across. It should fit in the palm of your hand. (Unless of course you have very tiny hands.) This, the smallest of the reels, are how the films came back from the processing plant. This is the amount of film a camera could shoot at one time. They are about 4 minutes long. 20 of them is 1 hour of video and will fit onto one DVD. This reel, full, is  $7.50 or less to transfer to DVD.

The Five Inch Reel

 A five inch reel measures five inches across. It is the middle child of the film family. It should be the same size as a CD. (A CD case is 5X5) These reels are about 200 feet or 4 three inch films spliced together. 4 of these reels will fit onto a DVD and make a 1 hour video. This reel full is $30 or less to transfer to DVD.


The Seven Inch Reel

The seven inch reel is the biggest reel 8mm projectors would allow for. They measure seven inches across. As tall as a 5x7 photo, or as wide as an I Pad or tablet screen. They can hold full 400 feet of film or eight small reels. Two of these will fit onto one DVD and provide 1 hour of video. These reels were created by someone sitting down and splicing small reels together. You might even find several small empty reels in the same box.. One of these large reels full is $60 or less to transfer to DVD.


How many feet by size of reel chart

3" reel

50 feet of film

5" reel

200 feet of film
6" reel 300 feet of film

7" reel

400 feet of film





When your 8mm or Super 8 films arrive here we will estimate how much film you have and send you an invoice via email.  As we transfer your  films our computers will calculate how many feet of film are really transferred. Large areas of black or white will not be transferred.  That is why sometimes your final cost will be less than your estimate. If our estimate was too high we will adjust it to reflect the actual feet of film transferred. If it was too low, we will let the invoice stand as it is. So you never have to worry about paying more than our estimate.


Other things to consider

  • Duplicate DVD's for family & friends are just $7 each.

  • Please number your reels in the order you would like them to appear on the DVD menu
  • Include a short title for the DVD (and  menu) on order form


"Are my 8mm films too old to be put on DVD?"

8mm film was first introduced to the public in 1932 and we have transferred 8mm films from as far back as 1936 with no problems. There is one thing however that can cause your 8mm films to be non-transferable:

Vinegar Syndrome: Vinegar Syndrome is the name given to 8mm film that have started the decay process. If you have 8mm movies that have Vinegar Syndrome you will know right away by the strong smell of vinegar. This does not mean that if your 8mm movie reels smell like vinegar we can't help you. The decay process is a process. What I mean by that is your 8mm films could be in the early stages of decay and can still be transferred to DVD. What the smell of vinegar should mean to you is; put your project higher on your to-do list. Time is running out for 8mm movies with Vinegar syndrome.


Bath time!

We clean all films with emulsion cleaner before running them through our machines. This is to give you a  better transfer and to protect our machines from dirt, mold and dust.


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